Meet Klaus,

the stool.

Arrival at home in the evening. Pause a moment on model Klaus, before opening your shoes. Or on barefoot summer evenings. How was your day? What is still urgent, what is important today?

Created in search for simple and reduced.

Klaus stools are carefully made by hand in Berlin and Brandenburg. Each stool passes through the hands of Max. He is the designer of Klaus. Actually, he is a software engineer. Until the search for a perfect seat companion kept him busy.

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One design.

Two sizes.

In addition to model Klaus with a seat height of 46cm, there is also his little brother, Kläuschen, with a seat height of 30cm. Klaus & Kläuschen are perfect helpers in studios or at home. Whether you sit on it yourself to focus on what you are working on or place an item on the stool.

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At home in creative spaces.

It is the restrained minimalism that makes Klaus stools the perfect companion in studios and workshops. This is also the case with painter Erik Swars, photographer Pilar Schacher and sculptor Ani Meißner.

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