Meet Klaus,

the stool.

  • Fearless passerby on a prototype. Copenhagen 2018.

Klaus is a minimalisit and quite indestructible wooden stool. Maybe that's why you can often find it in studios and workshops of creative people and artists.

Klaus is not a concept, not a business model, not a bold plan. Instead: The joy of form and great coincidence. If you want to understand Klaus, the first thing you have to do is get to know Max Stralka.

Max is Klaus' designer. Actually, he is a software engineer. Until he quits his job and the search for a perfect seatmate won't let him go.

Klaus stools are made in small carpentries in Brandenburg and Berlin. Every single stool is unique and passes through the careful hands of Max.

In the meantime, Klaus has a little brother – Kläuschen. Suitable for children from the age of five. Or as a place for other adorable little things.

Klaus is a classic with straight lines, popular with visual artists, photographers and architects.