Meet Klaus,
the stool.

Model Klaus

Handmade from robinia wood.
Available in two sizes.
Starting at 169,- €

A calm moment.
Made in wood.

An example of use: Arrival at home in the evening. Pause a moment on model Klaus, before opening your shoes. Or on barefoot summer evenings. How was your day? What is still urgent, what is important today? 

Made from Robinia.
And master craftsmanship.

Model Klaus is carefully handmade in Brandenburg. In a small town called Finsterwalde a little under two hours drive away from Berlin, to be exact. Local production is important to us. That's why we only use robinia wood for model Klaus.

Robinia is the only European wood species in resistance class 1 to 2 according to DIN 68 364 and thus the most weather-resistant wood in Europe. Model Klaus is therefore not only from a good house, but also pretty tough.

On the road with friends

For over three years Max takes model Klaus on different journeys. Or sends him by mail to friends to take pictures of it in Florence, Copenhagen, Vienna or the Uckermark. Recently also gladly on his own balcony in Berlin.

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Created in search for simple and reduced.

Max is the designer of model Klaus. Actually, he is a software engineer. Until the search for the perfect seating companion kept him busy.

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