At home in studios and workshops.

Anyone who works creatively needs an all-purpose seat for periods of concentration. Klaus is an indestructible classic with straight lines that is popular with fine artists, photographers and architects.

Erik Swars draws with Klaus

Erik Swars explores the materiality of color in his works and often crosses the boundary between two- and three-dimensionality in large-format paintings. He is represented in various private, as well as public collections, most recently through two acquisitions in the collection of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Pilar Schacher photographs with Klaus.

Pilar Schacher stages fragile still lifes that seem to defy the rules of gravity. In her studio in Vienna, she invests hours in floating constructions. Work by the photographer has appeared in online spreads in Vogue, Elle and Visual Pleasure Magazine.

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Ani Meißner casts sculptures with Klaus

Ani Meißner processes concrete and pigment into body-positive sculptures for everyday life. Her unique pieces exude lightness and joy; she clearly rejects lofty offers of cultural-theoretical interpretation.

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