Nice coincidence.

Klaus is an extremely simple piece of seating furniture. It has no backrest, which makes Klaus particularly suitable for concentrated work. Or for a short pause.

Klaus is no concept, no business model, no bold plan. Instead: The joy of form and great coincidence. If you want to understand Klaus, the first thing you need to do is get to know Max.

Slightly cheesy.

Another hipster story with self-knowledge and a lot of wood shavings? Sure. Max is a software engineer, and a friend of his gives him time with carpenter Klaus. There the boy learns what to do with his hands, a stool is created and is given the name of the teacher. Friends come by, marvel, sit, stroke, want one too. And now you come.

No kidding: Behind Klaus there is a bunch of friends who discovered their passion for minimalism through the first stool they made (Klaus). In tiny, innumerable stages of development, the approach to Klaus, whom we love unconditionally today, came about. Selling him to you here and telling his story is a mixture of a totally serious hobby and the playful attempt at a business idea - depending on who you ask. Deniz designed the logo, Viktoria makes the pictures, Malte writes, Anna can do video, sometimes we drink a beer together. We would be happy if you would join us.

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Where is all this leading to?

And the money? Stays in the region. In the meantime, a small manufactory between Berlin and Leipzig helps us with production. Solid wood in the front, Klaus out the back. Nothing but handmade in between, each stool is unique. Our raw material, the robinia, is not only indestructible, it also comes from local forests and is cultivated sustainably.

There are already many new ideas. One came from Jan, for example, who saw the stool on Instagram and then asked us why there was no little Klaus for his son. We found a legitimate question. That's why we designed Kläuschen. In the next step maybe a bar-claus. Write to us, we'll gladly snap at your wild stool dreams.

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And what about the naked Dane?

Oh well, no one will believe us anyway. Malte and Max visited friends in Copenhagen and for fun, they took their Klaus stool and a camera on a little winter walk to the Øresund. And suddenly, this Danish gentleman emerged from a sauna. Malte asked if we could take a photo with him and the stool in the icy cold. And to our complete astonishment, he said "Of course!". And that's why we love the Danes.